The Back Story

The Story includes painted or sculpted works of art that have been rebuilt by volunteers in three dimensions at life size, populated with volunteer cast members painted to mimic the careful brushstrokes of the original. Once on stage the art is carefully lit with complex stage lighting so that when the curtain opens and we see the scene, we think we are looking at the flat, two-dimensional piece, or the original sculpture. Sound complicated? It is!

When working to recreate these pieces of art for a presentation like The Story, a number of elements must be considered. Art pieces are built at sometimes as much as 10 times as large as the original. Cutouts are made into the backgrounds so that cast members fit perfectly into the piece.

Cast members are painted, airbrushed, and costumed to look like marble, bronze, oil paint, ivory, and a number of other materials that make up the original pieces. 

Our volunteers serve for 11 months out of the year recreating these art pieces using everything imaginable from a hardware store. Often a single piece can take between three and four months to design, build, and paint to meticulously recreate the original.